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Races of Arda

Monday’s child has elven grace
Tuesday’s child’s of mortal race
Wednesday’s child has bark not hair
Thursday’s child is foul not fair
Friday’s child lives in a hole
Saturday’s child builds halls of stone
But the child who is born on a Sunday
Does magic spells so stay away!
Ok then... a slightly more cheerful rhyme!

Based on the races of Tolkien's middle earth

Monday = Elves
Tuesday = Men
Wednesday = Ents
Thursday = Orcs
Friday = Hobbit
Saturday = Dwarf
Sunday = Wizards
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Ixengrin Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Student Writer
Elf (without the elven grace, btw) here.
Fearwen Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007
Yeah... but they're lost (long story). Which means they're probably all dead by now (although no one really knows) although there were some once.

I wanted to be a wizard too...
alinap30 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2007
woo! i have elven come most of them aren't nice?? lives in a hole?!
Fearwen Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2007
That would be the hobbit. Theres one race for each day (prob should have explained that for you non-tolkienites!)

I always thought I was a thursday child (so i dunno why I made thursday the orc day)...fortunately for me I'm actually wednesday (although I'm not sure an ent's much better!)
alinap30 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2007
i i'm and elf. hmm, sounds cool. missed out on sunday by 1 day! argh. i want magic powers! are there female ents?
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